Gary Rom Man


Design and develop a website that showcases the brand and encourages website users to find a barbershop near them and make an appointment.

My Responsibilities

Client Communication

Web Design/ UX & UI
Copy Writing
Web Development
Organise CMS collections
Software integration
Web Hosting


Gary Rom Franchise Pty ltd


Web Design & Webflow Development





Gaining inspiration & industry knowledge.

Research was conducted on the existing site to understand how improvements can be made and how the client’s needs and business goals can be met. I gathered up to date information about the haircare & barbershop market/industry. As well as inspiration from international industry leaders to spur creative thinking and innovation.


The old design has no clear visual hierarchy nor clear user flow, it lacks a style that communicates the feel of the brand. 
There is no clear Call to Actions, the links and buttons are very messy -  this is indicative of a bad user experience. The text was displayed in long paragraphs and in long lists. Text has not space to breath. There were no images to accompany the descriptive text. The old look and feel was boring, and did not speak to their objective of a personalised service with a trendy, rustic and manly feel.

Detailed Site Map

Expanded and simplified the site's initial structure by using the same content and creating relevant and intuitive user flows. Added in a navigation menu. Added in a CMS based recipes page which will pull information from the CMS collections. Added in a CMS blog page which will lead to the relevant CMS blog template.


Basic sketches were done to map out the user-flow, brainstorm some ideas and get an overview for the upcoming design. Sketches were done on Ipad.


Used the feedback and ideas from my analysis, research, sketches and inspiration to create the relevant wireframes.


Two complimentary typefaces were chosen for both their aesthetic appeal as well as their readability at small scales.


I developed the entire site according to the design in Webflow. Webflow is the world's most powerful no-code website builder with 100% design freedom. By following the design process and taking the client's feedback, I was able to create a digital experience that represents the brand. The client is extremely happy about the outcome of the project.

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