Gary Rom Hairdressing

The client felt that their old website and digital presence did not truly reflect their brand and growing franchise. We came together to discuss a compete make-over for their online presence. I was asked to create a custom design that was in alignment with their needs and brand. My goal was so keep the design simple & beautiful, easy to read, easy to navigate, calling customers to find a nearby salon and call or email to book an online appointment.

My Responsibilities Included

Client Communication
Web Design in Figma
Copy Writing
Webflow Development
Organise CMS collections
Software integration
Web Hosting


Gary Rom Hairdressing Franchise


Web Design & Webflow Development





Detailed Site Map

Recreated a sitemap for the website with the intention of simplifying what they had while making sure the information was easy to find and goals could be met.


Used the provided content, feedback and ideas from my analysis, research, sketches and inspiration to create the relevant wireframes.


Futura Font and Poppins are a perfect combination for this timeless design. Futura font has been used by many luxurious high-end brands including Calvin Klein and Mercedes Benz. Futura Font is aesthetically pleasing, no matter which decade or project it’s being used in - it’s timeless. Poppins is a great complimentary paragraph font as it is similar in its geometric shape and is used to improve readability.

Colour Palette

The colour palette was inspired by the interior finishings found inside the salons. The salons have a very minimalistic and clean design to it. The black and white colours chosen for this project represent the high-end and premium service offered by the salons.


The outcome is a modern and minimal website. By combining the design process with the client's feedback and wants, I was able to create a digital experience that represents the brand.

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